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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our Visit to Florida!!

In early February we took a road trip down to visit Peter and Melissa and Sean in Florida. It was very nice to escape some of the cold weather of VA and enjoy the warm sunny weather of Florida. We visited Peter's base and saw the planes he trained in. It was really neat to visit the military bases and see all the big jets and helicopters.

We spent some wonderful time on the beaches. Patrick and Claudia really loved the beach!The water was cold but they got wet especially Patrick. They had fun building sand castles and collecting seashells. It was great to see little (Big) Sean. He is adorable and the kidos really enjoyed playing with their Hickson cousin. It was a very enjoyable roadtrip all together

Friday, February 23, 2007

First snow of 2007!!

Claudia enjoys syrup in the snow

Mommmy may I have some more Syrup
What is all this white stuff....and I can barely move

John Deer Kidos! Lets plow the drive way

Paul gets his Pilot's Liscense!!

Back Seat Flyer

Paul's lucky plane
What a Co-Pilot

After many hours of training and lots of time spent up in the beautiful skies Paul received his Pilot's liscense. He was able to complete everything in a very short time period and he did exceedingly well. We are all very proud of him. I was able to go flying with him on a beautiful clear saturday morning. Paul is a great pilot!. Patrick and Claudia were also able to go flying with daddy....Patrick especially loved flying and co-piloting.